Tarpon Springs Castle Winery
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320 Tarpon Ave.,
Tarpon Springs Florida




11:00AM - 6:00PM

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Tarpon Springs Castle Winery is owned and operated by Joseph and Diana Marks who have toiled for 19 long years to make the winery a reality. With the winery complete Joseph and Diana have released their first selections of fine hand crafted wines made in that old world tradition.
The winery itself is constructed to resemble an 1820 federal building. Diana consulted with the historical society of Tarpon Springs, the historical boards of Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, North Carolina to get the colors and details just right. They did all the construction work except for the pouring of the foundation and the shingling of the 8-12 pitched roof.
In doing so the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery has transformed East Tarpon Avenue into a tourist destination. It is a working winery and everything is handcrafted even the placing of labels on the bottles.

When you step inside the European style tasting room of the winery you will sense immediately that you are among people dedicated to the art of fine winemaking. Since the winery is located in the heart of the historical district, the establishment boasts of an Italian style walled-in courtyard with a wrought-iron gazebo. Most plants chosen for the courtyard garden are native to Florida. This was done to give visitors ideas in using our native plants in their landscaping. Most of plantings were purchased from the Tarpon Springs Garden Club's Annual plant sale.

A visit to Tarpon Springs Castle Winery resembles a romantic dream with its warm atmosphere. So come and savor our handcrafted wines in an intimate setting, and meet the friendly people behind the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery label.

image of the tasting bar at Tarpon Springs Castle Winery Tarpon Springs Castle Winery Tasting Bar

Fine selection of handcrafted wine

Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon
and more to choose from all handcrafted on the premises.

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